Who Owns DC?

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DC Comics is one of the largest and most popular comic book production companies boasting household names like Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, and Joker.

Despite the success that the company found with its comic series, DC began to make a mainstream name for itself when it began producing films. Whether it be its early attempts, such as Superman and Mole Men in 1951, the plethora of animated films starring its characters, or more recent entries such as Justice League, DC has become a household name when it comes to Superhero films.

Unlike its greatest competitor, DC has the ability to use every one of its comic book characters in its movie series. So it may leave you wondering, who exactly owns DC?

Justice League Snyder Cut Gallery

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Who owns DC?

In 1969, DC Comics was purchased by Warner Bros. Entertainment and has remained within the companies network ever since.

As of right now though, both DC Comics and Warner Bros are offshoots of American telecommunications company Time Warner, and after a recent purchase of competitor AT&T in 2018 rehomed DC Comics into its Warner Bros. Global Brands and Experiences division.

Being housed under the same corporation for the majority of its time on the big screen, DC has had an unmatchable amount of material to draw from that spans over 80 years of comics. This has led to plenty of hits—and just as many misses. From its recent attempts at jumpstarting the DCEU before seemingly abandoning the idea completely, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for these characters.

Recently, the studio managed to find some success with its newer films, such as the fun comedic entry of Shazam, or the dark twisted solo film for their most notorious villain in Joker.

Fans also recently got a recut of the highly criticized Justice League film by the original director of the project, Zack Snyder. The Snyder cut has been met with overwhelming praise and has also rebuilt fan anticipation for the studio to continue with its plans for the DCEU.

With Time Warner owning the popular streaming service HBO Max, plenty of DC Comic’s characters have found success on the small screen. It’s likely we will see this trend continue as the studio finds creative ways to introduce comic book favorites to fans.

How Many DC Movies Are There?

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Since the 1950s, DC Comics has been bringing its famous comic book characters to the big screen, starting with Superman in 1951. Since then, there have been plenty of attempts to showcase the heroes and villains of DC in their own films with some being overwhelmingly successful and others… not so much.

On top of its live-action film series, DC also has been extremely active in producing animated feature films for its cast and some of these have become more beloved than their real-life counterparts.

How many DC Movies are there?

There are 28 feature films produced by DC Comics and around 80 animated films. DC’s first time appearing in theatres was with Superman and the Mole Men in 1951.

The company found real success with its Tim Burton-directed Batman trilogy that received its first entry in 1989’s Batman. Following this, the studio attempted to bring other characters to the big screen with limited success, such as Steel and Catwoman. The next time that the studio struck gold was again using the Batman character, this time in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy for the character.

More recently, lesser-known stars of the comics have begun to get huge big screen recognition such as Shazam, Aquaman, and Harley Quinn. While there have been plenty of misses for DC in the film place, it found massive success with their solo film Joker which followed the notorious comic book villain in his own unique story disconnected from the DCEU.

Sticking the formula which at the time was having huge success, as well as being a method to tell further stories outside of the overall trilogy, Un 1993 DC released its first animated film, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The release schedule on the animated side of things has been extremely active, with the studio pumping out over 70 films in just under 30 years.

The animated films are often one-for-one retelling of events in the comic series and are a way for DC’s biggest characters to interact without the need for an expensive casting budget. So far in 2021, we’ve already had two animated films drop and the studio has plans to release three more before the year is out.

While there are plenty of movies we’ve already spoken about, DC has a whole variety of films that have released straight to TV or streaming services, as well as TV series based on its characters. There is no shortage of video content for DC fans in 2021.

One Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Movies Hits Netflix Next Month

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting output has been rather sporadic of late, consisting of minor cameos and essentially playing a parody of himself when not literally playing himself. However, you don’t need to be steeped in cinematic lore to know he was once the biggest action star on the planet, and one of the films that cemented his status as such, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, will arrive on Netflix in July.

The 1991 sci-fi is, of course, a sequel to 1984’s almost as magnificent The Terminator, seeing Schwarzenegger as another of the titular nigh-unstoppable cyborg killing machines, only this time sent back from the future to save the life of future resistance leader John Connor instead of ensure his death. This might have come as a surprise had the trailer not already spoiled it, and demonstrates that even back in the ‘90s little care was given about narrative integrity if it meant cramming more backsides into cinema seats. The film is also responsible for transforming Sarah Connor from the ineffectual damsel in distress the original cast her as, into the stoic badass and iron-willed survivalist the name is now forever associated with.

Hunger for a sequel was rife following the initial flick’s success, but was partially stalled by limitations in CGI technology, advancements in which were necessary to properly realize the liquid metal effects of the T-1000’s shapeshifting, which still stand up even three decades later. The five minutes or so of screen time requiring such shots inflated the budget to around $100 million, making the production then the most expensive ever undertaken.

As well as flipping the script on Das Ahnuld’s character and wowing audiences with cutting-edge visuals, the film also has some of the most ambitious stunt work that had ever been produced at the time, resulting in a near-constant chain of drama and excitement. Terminator 2 is not only one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best outings, but is also quite simply one of the greatest action movies ever made.

Source: Decider

Loki Director Reacts To The Character Coming Out As Bisexual

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Marvel fans lost their minds over the latest episode of Loki today – well, even more than usual. In one much-discussed scene, Tom Hiddleston’s trickster confirmed that he was bisexual. Though it was revealed in a very casual way, this is a huge deal for the MCU overall as it makes the God of Mischief the very first LGBTQ leading character in the franchise.

Director Kate Herron has since broken the silence on this monumental moment, sharing her reaction to the revelation on Twitter. Herron made clear that this was something she pushed for because of the importance of Loki’s sexuality to both his character and his many fans, and she’s thrilled that his queer identity is now 100% canon.

“From the moment I joined [Loki] it was very important to me, and my goal, to acknowledge Loki was bisexual,” Herron stated in her tweet, sharing her message alongside screenshots of the moment in question. “It is a part of who he is and who I am too. I know this is a small step but I’m happy, and heart is so full, to say that this is now Canon in #mcu.”

From the moment I joined @LokiOfficial it was very important to me, and my goal, to acknowledge Loki was bisexual. It is a part of who he is and who I am too. I know this is a small step but I’m happy, and heart is so full, to say that this is now Canon in #mcu #Loki 💗💜💙 pic.twitter.com/lz3KJbewx8

— Kate Herron (@iamkateherron) June 23, 2021

New Loki Photos Tease The God Of Mischief's Next Adventure

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Loki’s sexuality has never been touched on in any of his previous MCU appearances, as his complicated familial relationships left no room for any romance. But now that we’ve got this tease, the big question fans want to know is whether he’s going to get a love interest soon. Hiddleston himself played coy when asked about this possibility in an interview before the series began, suggesting that there may be some sparks between Loki and a lucky someone as his own show continues.

Remember, unlike WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there’s a good chance Loki could get a second season. In the meantime, its fourth episode airs on Disney Plus next Wednesday.

Watch: Out Of Death Trailer Teases Bruce Willis’ Next VOD Movie

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Over the last decade or so, Bruce Willis has almost become the walking embodiment of the age-old question; Working hard, or hardly working?

In the Die Hard legend’s case, the answer has been both. The actor has Out of Death and Midnight in the Switchgrass arriving within one week of each other next month, and he’s already shown up in four VOD action thrillers over the last fourteen months. The first trailer for the former has now arrived and it looks like standard bargain basement fare, with Willis appearing to give his usual phoned-in performance.

The plot follows a witness who stumbles upon police corruption in a small town, and Willis’ veteran cop happens to show up just in the nick of time, forcing them to team up to evade the bad guys. In all honesty, it doesn’t look great, and the promo gives the majority of the plot away just in case you were on the fence about checking it out.

Out Of Death Poster

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One of these days, the former A-lister is going to deliver a memorable turn to remind audiences that he was once one of the biggest names in the business, but Out of Death won’t be it as his rapid fire filmography continues to rack up the numbers. Just how many VOD genre films does Bruce Willis have in various stages of development, you may ask? Incredibly, the answer is nine.

Reactor, Apex, American Siege, Gasoline Alley, The Fortress, A Day to Die, Killing Field, White Elephant and Paradise City are all scheduled for release over the next year, as the 66 year-old continues to usurp Nicolas Cage as B-tier action cinema’s busiest name.

Jackson White To Play Jud Crandall In Pet Sematary Prequel

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Hollywood loves nothing more than Stephen King adaptations, looking at the sheer volume of movies and TV shows in the works based on the horror icon’s back catalogue, but Pet Sematary is evidently one of the favorites.

The first feature film version arrived in 1989 and hit big at the box office, leading to a sequel that released three years later. However, Pet Sematary Two was a follow up in name only, focusing on an all-new group of characters, which may have contributed to it bombing at the and leaving critics unimpressed.

Two years ago, Jason Clarke headlined a remake that hauled in over $113 million globally, despite generating a decidedly mixed response from both fans and reviewers. Of course, you can never keep a marketable property down for too long, and earlier this year it was confirmed that a Pet Sematary prequel had been placed into development, with Lindsey Beer set to make her directorial debut on the Paramount+ exclusive.

The first major piece of casting news has broken following the news that Jackson White is in final talks to play a younger version of Jud Crandall, embodied by Fred Gwynne in the original and Jon Lithgow in the remake, to give you an indication of how much younger the latest spin on the story is skewing.

Production is set to kick off in August, so the latest entry in the Pet Sematary series should be heading to streaming at some point next year. Plot details remain under wraps, but given that Crandall is the person in the story with the most knowledge of the secret burial ground that can resurrect the dead, it stands to reason that we’ll be finding out how he came to possess so much information.

Source: Deadline

Netflix Is Losing Over 40 Movies And TV Shows In July

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Netflix is adding a ton of must-see new stuff in July, but as is always the way, the streaming giant is also losing a lot of great titles next month, too. Over 40 movies and TV shows are being removed from the platform’s library over the course of July, with the losses including a popular Disney animation, a couple of classic family films and, unfortunately for horror fans, a load of chillers.

Meryl Streep political biopic The Iron Lady exits on July 5th, with horror The Invitation following on the 7th. Anthology horror Holidays vanishes on the 14th, as does Disney’s The Princess and the Frog the very next day. There aren’t a lot of Mouse House movies left on Netflix these days, and this 2007 effort – the studio’s last to be produced with traditional 2-D animation – is likely to join the rest of the Disney canon on D+ soon.

Another animated feature leaves on the 28th, DreamWorks’ The Croods, starring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds as a prehistoric family of cavemen. On the other end of the spectrum, Oscar-winning drama Spotlight, featuring an ensemble cast including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel Adams, exits on the 30th.

The bulk of the removals will disappear on the last day of the month, however, and there are a lot of classics among them. Get ready to say goodbye to Stanley Kubrick’s seminal A Clockwork Orange, Steven Spielberg’s Hook, the original Mad Max starring Mel Gibson, Robert Pattinson romantic drama Remember Me and cult favorite horror-comedy Zombieland. Speaking of horror, Chucky lovers should prepare to lose a total of four Child’s Play movies that same day.

Here’s the full itemized list of everything leaving Netflix in July:

Leaving 7/5/21
The Iron Lady

Leaving 7/7/21
The Invitation

Leaving 7/14/21

Leaving 7/15/21
The Princess and the Frog

Leaving 7/19/21
Love Sick: The Series: Season 1

Leaving 7/22/21
Oh My Ghost
Oh My Ghost 2
Oh My Ghost 3
Oh My Ghost 4

Leaving 7/28/21
The Croods

Leaving 7/30/21

Leaving 7/31/21
A Clockwork Orange
Bride of Chucky
Child’s Play 2
Child’s Play 3
Eat Pray Love
Four Christmases
Freak Show
Fred Claus
Friends With Benefits
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Grand Designs: Season 10
Grand Designs: Season 15
Hardcore Henry
Hinterland: Seasons 1-3
Jupiter Ascending
King Arthur
Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends: S1
The Little Rascals
Mad Max
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Nacho Libre
Nights in Rodanthe
The Patriot
Remember Me
Seed Of Chucky
Step Up: Revolution
Your Highness

So make sure to watch these movies while you’ve still got the chance before they leave Netflix next month.

Scarlett Johansson To Star In Tower Of Terror Movie For Disney

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The upcoming Black Widow may be drawing her decade-long association with the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close, but Scarlett Johansson and Disney are looking to remain in business together, with the actress attached to star in and produce Tower of Terror, the latest Disney theme park attraction to be getting the feature film treatment.

Eddie Murphy’s The Haunted Mansion may have long since been forgotten about, Tomorrowland flopped and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is facing continued backlash for dropping Johnny Depp, but the Mouse House are evidently still keen to translate some of the most well-known Disneyland rides to the big screen, with Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise coming to theaters and Disney Plus next month.

Robert Downey Jr. Wishes Mark Ruffalo And Scarlett Johansson Happy Birthday With Cute Photo

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Now seems like a strange time to resurrect the Tower of Terror movie, when the marquee version was rebranded as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! in 2017, but it isn’t clear yet if Johansson’s spin on the story is in any way connected to the project that John August was developing a few years back. In 2015, the writer was developing a concept that he described as somewhere between Time Bandits, Groundhog Day and Back to the Future where the elevator moves through time, which is an admittedly interesting approach.

Tower of Terror was also the subject of a 1997 TV movie starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst, which wasn’t quite as fantastical as what August had in mind, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Johansson has in store for the property. It could really go either way, but the time travel concept sounds as though it could be worth revisiting, and the presence of a big star should position it as a high priority project for Disney.

Source: Collider

Netflix May Be Forced Into Revealing Viewership Numbers For UK Content

3 hours ago

Streaming services are under no obligation to release official viewing data for any content, something that HBO Max and Amazon have taken to heart by keeping it all to themselves, but the major platforms including the aforementioned duo, Disney Plus, and Netflix could be forced into revealing the full picture after the United Kingdom’s government decided to step in.

A recommendation was made by the country’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee that streamers should publicly disclose the numbers generated by movies and TV shows that initially aired on public access networks with both the broadcasters and regulatory body Ofcom, and the government is in full agreement.

If the move is given the final seal of approval it would hardly force the companies in question to give the whole game away, but it would lead to projects like Peaky Blinders, Fleabag and the formative years of Black Mirror falling under the arrangement. Of course, the vast majority of titles wouldn’t be affected in the slightest, and in the grand scheme of things it won’t make much of a difference, but given how notoriously secretive concrete viewership data is, it could even result in less British programming being picked up for online syndication.

The fact of the matter is that Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and AppleTV+ are never going to distribute the viewing numbers for every single in-house original unless they really have to, which has opened the door for third-party analytics software to try and fill in the gaps. So it’s hardly going to be a game-changing development in the long run, even if a series like Peaky Blinders became a genuine international phenomenon thanks to Netflix.

Source: Deadline

Watch: Aliens: Fireteam Elite Release Date Revealed In New Trailer

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite, a brand-new game set in Ridley Scott’s horror universe which was first announced earlier this year, finally has a firm release date.

Developed by Cold Iron (a studio established by several industry veterans), Fireteam is billed as a co-op shooter where squads of three will be required to team up and survive an endless onslaught of Xenomorphs. Various types of the titular Alien will be present throughout each campaign in order to keep the action feeling fresh on repeated playthroughs, all of which require a particular strategy to bring down. As rank-and-file enemies, Drones will always attack in large numbers in an attempt to overwhelm your crew, while specialized strains such as the gigantic Praetorian are bred for breach and clear tactics. You can check out some more of these units in the gallery below.

Aliens: Fireteam Reveals Several New Xenomorph Types

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As for today’s trailer drop, its main purpose, besides providing another look at gameplay, is to inform fans of when they can expect to deploy into the outer reaches of space. August 24th is the date to set in your calendar, with pre-orders now available. Anyone who does so will get access to a handful of bonus items, including the Hardened Marine Pack. This contains a Bandana Head Accessory as well as 3 weapon decals and a self-explanatory Chestburster emote.

Cold Iron is promising four “unique campaigns” that introduce “new storylines to the Alien universe,” with players able to create and fully customize their own Colonial Marine both cosmetically and via perks, classes, and load-outs. For all the latest Aliens: Fireteam Elite details, including teasers alluding to a tie-in with Scott’s divisive franchise prequel Prometheus, head through here.

Austin Powers Trilogy Headed To Netflix Next Month

3 hours ago

It’s hard to overstate how much of a cultural phenomenon Austin Powers was at the height of its popularity, with the success of Mike Myers’ comedic creation infiltrating almost every aspect of popular culture in the late 1990s.

You could barely turn around without somebody quoting one of the secret agent’s most iconic lines, and that even extended to his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil and henchmen Fat Bastard, also played by Myers. The first installment was a decent-sized hit when it arrived in May 1997, hauling in $67 million at the box office. But the huge buzz and word of mouth saw the sequel The Spy Who Shagged Me enter blockbuster territory.

In fact, the second outing for the shagadelic spy made more money in its domestic opening weekend than Austin Powers managed to earn during its entire theatrical run, eventually topping out with a $312 million haul, almost ten times the production budget. The franchise had become so popular that threequel Goldmember roped in a bevvy of A-list fans for a meta prologue, including Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito, and Steven Spielberg.

There’s been talk of a fourth installment circulating every now and again the eighteen years since the title hero first graced our screens, and it’s felt as though it was close to happening on more than one occasion. But the good news for fans who can’t wait that long is that the entire Austin Powers trilogy is coming to Netflix next month. The trio still holds up as a collection of absurd scatter gun spoofs that deliver jokes, puns, and one-liners at a rapid rate, so the series should be poised to draw in a big audience.

Source: Decider

One Of Harrison Ford’s Best Movies Hits Netflix Next Month

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Was 1997 the greatest year ever for blockbuster action cinema? If you ignore Speed 2: Cruise Control and Batman & Robin, then it might well be.

In the space of one calendar year audiences were gifted all-time greats Con Air, Face/Off and Men in Black, cult classic The Fifth Element, fun disaster epics Volcano and Dante’s Peak, solid sequels The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Tomorrow Never Dies, along with underrated gems Conspiracy Theory and Breakdown, to give you an idea of the quality on offer. Additionally, one of 1997’s finest big-budget efforts was Wolfgang Petersen’s Air Force One, which is coming to Netflix next month.

Yes, the concept is essentially Die Hard on the titular aircraft, but that hardly matters when you’ve got Harrison Ford in prime grizzled hero mode as one of cinema’s most engaging commanders-in-chief—if only for the sheer amount of ass he kicks. Petersen directs a series of action sequences that mix close-quarters combat and nail-biting tension with massive effects-driven spectacle, all tied together by Gary Oldman in phenomenal form as a Russian villain that doesn’t so much chew on the scenery but completely inhales it.

The bombastic and spectacular Air Force One was a critical and commercial smash hit, drawing in widespread praise from critics and earning $315 million at the box office on an $85 million budget. There’s been talk of a sequel every now and then over the following decades, but sadly it hasn’t come to anything as of yet. However, in just a couple of weeks you’ll be able to check it out at the push of a button, whether it’s for the first, fifth, or fiftieth time.

Source: Decider

Sarah Paulson Reveals The American Horror Story Season She Didn’t Want To Make

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Sarah Paulson is one of the poster stars of the American Horror Story franchise, appearing in all but one season of the anthology series, but the actress has now revealed that she felt “trapped” in one particular season of the FX hit as she had no interest in making it and only did so because she was contractually obliged. The run in question was 2016’s sixth season, AHS: Roanoke, which is infamous with fans for taking a meta approach to the material.

Paulson opened up about her struggles with that season in an interview on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast. The star explained that she had no interest in Roanoke‘s storyline and found it particularly hard to adjust to it after her critically-acclaimed turn on The People v. O.J. Simpson, which was also helmed by AHS creator Ryan Murphy, for which she won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

“I just don’t care about this season at all,” Paulson said. “I know people will get mad at me for saying it, but for me, this was post having played Marcia [Clark in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story], and it was what I went to do right after finishing Marcia.”

Having come from what was, by all accounts, the highpoint of her career, Paulson revealed that she felt “so underwhelmed” by the lack of challenging material on Roanoke that she didn’t have an enjoyable experience while making it. Paulson even said that if it had been possible, she would’ve asked Murphy to cut her out of the show.

“I was so underwhelmed by the whole experience because I felt like I had entered into a new place inside of myself in terms of what I thought possible, in terms of what I might be willing to see if I can do,” Paulson added. “I felt really kind of trapped by my responsibility and my contractual obligation to do American Horror Story. As much as it’s my home and I’ve loved it always, it was the first time I felt like I wish I could have gone to Ryan and said, ‘Please let me sit this one out. You know, let me out.’”

First Look At Macaulay Culkin In American Horror Story Season 10 Revealed

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Roanoke saw Paulson portray actress Audrey Tindall, who was starring in a TV special about haunted houses. In a satire of the true crime genre, the “real” Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe) recounted her ghostly encounters with the lost Roanoke colony while Audrey would feature in the reconstructions of her experiences. Most fans would agree that it’s not one of the show’s best runs, but Paulson’s strong criticism is still surprising to hear.

That said, the actress stresses that she still loves being part of American Horror Story overall. She did eventually sit out season 9, 1984, but that was only because she was busy partnering with Murphy again for Netflix’s Ratched. Paulson will once again be involved in season 10, the upcoming Double Feature, which premieres this August 25th on FX.

Source: Awards Chatter

Watch: Scooby-Doo And Courage The Cowardly Dog Team Up In New Crossover Movie Trailer

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Scooby-Doo has crossed over with a lot of iconic characters over his 50 years on our screens, but his latest team-up is such a perfect match it’s just surprising it’s never happened before. This fall, get ready for the Great Dane to meet that other talking cartoon dog who’s known for running away from monsters. That’s right, the Mystery Inc. gang is about to encounter Courage the Cowardly Dog in a new upcoming animated film. Check out the trailer for Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog via the player above.

The trailer reveals Scooby, Shaggy and the gang ending up in Courage’s hometown of Nowhere, the mid-Kansas neighborhood where more creepy and mysterious stuff happens than anywhere else in the world (at least that’s what it says on the town flag). As you’d expect, the two pooches get on like a house on fire – when they aren’t being chased around by gigantic cicada monsters, that is. Here’s what the official synopsis teases is in store:

“Comedy is unleashed when Scooby-Doo, your favorite mystery-solving mutt, teams up for the first time with Courage the Cowardly Dog. The canine colleagues sniff out a strange object in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas, the backwoods hometown of Courage and his owners, Eustace and Muriel Bagge. Soon, the mysterious discovery puts them on the trail of a giant cicada monster and her wacky winged warriors. Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy know that this job is too big for a flyswatter. They’ll need the help of the doggy duo to piece together the puzzle. Can Scooby and Courage overcome their jitters and defeat the insect army before the whole world bugs out? Try not to get scared. We double-dog dare you!”

Courage the Cowardly Dog ran for four acclaimed seasons from 1999-2002. While a CGI special aired back in 2014, the franchise hasn’t enjoyed as much of an afterlife as some of its fellow Cartoon Network shows from that period – e.g. The Powerpuff Girls – so fans should be over the moon to see Courage back in action again. You have to wonder if this crossover with Scooby is being viewed as a test-run for a potential revival of some kind.

Featuring the voices of Frank Welker, Matthew Lillard, Grey Griffin, Kate Micucci as Scooby-Doo and friends, with Marty Grabstein reprising Courage, Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog is set to be released on both Digital and DVD on September 14, 2021.

New Walking Dead Season 11 Photos Tease Surprising Allies

2 seconds ago

The latest images for The Walking Dead season 11 tease both zombies on the prowl and a pair of surprising allies. After the six pandemic-produced episodes that aired earlier this year, TWD‘s eleventh and final season will return to the full-scale storylines we’re used to. For one, we’ll get herds of marauding walkers again. Case in point, one of these new promo pics reveal a bunch of munchers on an abandoned train.

The second looks to come from the same sequence, with a large group of the survivors heading down what appears to be a subway tunnel. In the photo, we can see the likes of Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Though they’re not exactly standing side by side, it’s still a big deal that Maggie and Negan are part of this group together, which could be a hint that Maggie is finally starting to adjust the reformed villain being around.

Check out the new images in the gallery below:

New Walking Dead Season 11 Photos Tease Surprising Allies

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The third pic showcases Carol (Melissa McBride), Kelly (Angel Theory) and Magna (Nadia Hilker) out in the woods. It’s a good bet that they’re searching for the still-missing Connie, who they last saw in the cave-in that happened in mid-season 10. Though audiences know that Connie managed to make it out alive, her friends currently don’t. Lauren Ridloff’s been busy with her newfound Marvel commitments but expect her to return before the series concludes.

Lastly, the fourth photo captures Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Princess (Paola Lazaro) deep in conversation. Remember, the foursome were last seen incarcerated at the Commonwealth. Expect the community – the biggest yet introduced on TWD – to be a major factor in this final season, as it tackles the final arc of Robert Kirkman’s comics.

The super-sized 24-part eleventh season of The Walking Dead is set to premiere on AMC in just a couple of months’ time on Sunday, August 22nd.

Transformers 7 Official Title Finally Revealed

2 seconds ago

The title for the next Transformers movie has been revealed. The film series has been on hiatus for the past few years, ever since 2017’s The Last Knight raked in the cash but received poor reviews and 2018’s Bumblebee achieved critical acclaim but failed to make much money. Paramount has elected to try a different direction this time, then, and is developing a Beast Wars flick. And it’s officially to be titled Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

The title was announced at a virtual Transformers press event that took place this Tuesday, with the movie’s name unveiled alongside a bunch of other details about the project. As we already knew, Creed II‘s Steven Caple Jr. is directing with Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback attached to star. The Predacons, the Maximals and the Terrorcons will all appear in Rise of the Beasts, which will be set in 1994, with the action split between Brooklyn, New York and Peru.

Though the big hook of this film is the introduction of the Beast Wars characters, the OG Transformers will still feature. Bumblebee is back, as is Optimus Prime, who will return to his Generation 1 look, with Peter Cullen again voicing him. Mirage and Arcee have also been confirmed to be involved. The Decepticons will turn up, but not in as major a capacity as usual. Instead, the Predacon Scourge will serve as the main villain, with Nightbird as his second-in-command. 

Transformers: The Last Knight Gallery

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Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura explained at the event that the decision was made to draw from the Beast Wars canon because it was felt that the prior entries in the franchise had “exhausted” the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Given that, the creative team agreed that the best course to take with this seventh chapter in the saga would be to introduce different “tribes” of Transformers.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts just started production in Los Angeles earlier this month and is set to be released in theaters on June 24th, 2022.

Source: CinemaBlend

Watch: The God Of Mischief Meets His Match In New Loki Promo

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The God of Mischief has finally met his match. Last week’s second episode of Marvel’s latest smash-hit series Loki ended with a shocking – well, not if you’d been paying attention to the leaks – twist, as the mysterious evil Loki variant was revealed. It’s a female version of the Asgardian trickster, as played by Sophia Di Martino. Ahead of episode 3 debuting on Disney Plus tomorrow, a new promo has been released which teases the battle of the two Lokis to come. Watch it in the player above.

In keeping with the streaming platform’s preference for maximum secrecy, this promo doesn’t feature any new footage, only recapping what we’ve already seen over the past two weeks, reminding us how Tom Hiddleston’s anti-hero and Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius of the TVA have been hunting down Di Martino’s Lady Loki. Including clips of Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) telling Loki “it’s not your story. It never was” and Mobius calling the other variant “superior”, the promo teases Di Martino’s villain being the secret star of the show all along.

Loki Merch May Have Spoiled The Variant's True Idenity

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Fans are eager for episode 3 to get here as there’s much confusion as to her exact identity. Some easter eggs hidden in ep 2 called the character “Sylvie”, which led fans to think that Di Martino must be playing Sylvia Lushton AKA Enchantress and not Lady Loki. But all the other signs, like this trailer, are pointing to her being the Goddess of Mischief that she appears to be. With Loki escaping the TVA and following his female self through a time portal at the end of last week’s installment, hopefully tomorrow’s episode will focus on the two together and provide all the answers we’re looking for.

The bad news is that episode 3 arriving means we’ve officially reached the halfway point of the six-part series. Loki continues this Wednesday on Disney Plus.

Back 4 Blood Won’t Be Playable Offline

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Back 4 Blood has swiftly become one of 2021’s most anticipated game launches, and it’s easy to see why. Unveiled back in December during The Game Awards 2020, the title, a multiplayer first-person shooter, is in development under Turtle Rock and slated to arrive this Halloween following confirmation of a short delay earlier this year. To make up for this later-than-initially-advertised ETA, the studio is holding a number of open betas throughout the summer, with the first scheduled for August.

Still a sizable wait ahead, then, though considering its tenure as Valve South (later rebranded as Turtle Rock after regaining independence) resulted in the creation of the original Left 4 Dead, it’s safe to assume that this spiritual successor is in the right hands—even if there are still some lingering concerns. Chief among these, as confirmed to be the case off the cuff during a recent exchange with fans on social media, is that Back 4 Blood won’t be playable without an internet connection.

Not exactly an ideal situation for anyone intending to take on the undead hordes primarily via couch co-op (or with unreliable internet, for that matter) but not a decision unheard of in modern gaming. The developer has set a precedent in the past, of course, what with Left 4 Dead affording players the opportunity to take their adventures offline, but that won’t be possible here, at least not from launch. “We’re looking into ways we could support offline for the future” reads the statement, though no definitive date is given here, so fans will just have to wait and see.

Back 4 Blood is out October 12th for Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Is today’s news a dealbreaker for you? Let us know in the usual place below.

Source: Turtle Rock Studios (via Twitter)

West Side Story Star To Lead Disney’s Snow White Remake

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Disney has found its latest live-action princess. Deadline has revealed that the lead for the upcoming Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remake has been found. The actress who’s bringing the iconic role to life is Rachel Zegler, set to get her big Hollywood break in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, which reaches theaters later this year. Zegler is also currently shooting DC sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Marc Webb has been attached to direct the remake since 2019, with Marc Platt (Cruella) producing. Webb reacted to news of Zegler’s casting in a statement, praising her vocal abilities and other talents as the reason why she was the perfect person for the job.

“Rachel’s extraordinary vocal abilities are just the beginning of her gifts. Her strength, intelligence and optimism will become an integral part of rediscovering the joy in this classic Disney fairytale,” Webb said.

Snow White is due to expand on both the story and the music from the original classic, which was released in 1938 and was the first full-length animated feature. La La Land‘s Benji Pasek and Justin Paul are penning new songs for the movie. Deadline notes that a big reason it’s taken so long for this project to get off the ground is the studio’s dedication to getting the best possible soundtrack, with execs said to be very excited with what Pasek and Paul have come up with.

The search for Snow White has been underway for the past several months. Zegler’s auditions impressed everyone, the trade reveals, but it was early footage from West Side Story – the first teaser dropped in April – that convinced Disney to sign her up. The casting of the half-Columbian 2o-year-old continues the studio’s trend for diversifying their princess lineup with these remakes, following Halle Bailey playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

The new Snow White is set to head into production sometime in 2022. Other live-action reimaginings on the way include Peter & Wendy, Pinocchio and Hercules.

Source: Deadline

Who Is The Beekeeper In Wandavision?

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WandaVision gave fans their first taste of what characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in their own television series airing on Disney Plus.

When the show debuted, Disney dropped back-to-back episodes giving viewers more than enough to become enthralled with the show’s plot and leaving plenty of mysteries to be unraveled in the coming episodes.

One of the biggest mysterious came at the end of episode two. In its final scene, Wanda and Vision are standing outside their home when they see a mysterious man emerge from a manhole in the center of their suburban street. Upon exiting, we see this individual wearing what looks to be a beekeepers outfit, standing out amongst the 80’s themed backdrop the show had established through the episode.

While Vision is confused by the man’s appearance, Wanda instead has a look of shock and proceeds to speak to the man simply saying “no” before the episode cuts to credits.

At the time this mystery man came out of the blue and set the precedent for things to come, but fortunately, since the show is now complete we know exactly where this man came from and who he is.

Who is the Beekeeper in WandaVision?

In episode four it is established that the place where the show takes place—the town of Westview, New Jersey—is in fact being altered with Wanda’s magic to look and act like the ideal place for her and Vision to start a family.

This area is surrounded by a forcefield of magic that, when crossed, changes the appearance and in some cases the personality of the individuals it captures.

As part of recon on Wanda and the other citizens of Westview, the Beekeeper was sent in through an underground tunnel wearing a hazmat suit, however, when he passes the forcefield of Wanda’s magic his outfit is transformed into a beekeeper’s.

The individual inside the suit is Agent Franklin. While not a whole lot is known about this agent, he is a member of S.W.O.R.D, the organization set up by Nick Fury after the fall of S.H.I.E.l.D.

Outside the forcefield, the other agents attempted to pull Franklin out through the cable attached to his suit. But when he crossed the threshold into Wanda’s magic, the attached cable became a skipping rope.

Over the remainder of WandaVision’s episodes, the wardrobe Agent Franklin takes on isn’t explicitly stated. But, like other citizens caught in the magic, it is likely he assumed a role as a member of the town.

Who Was The Actor Who Played Thanos? | Everything To Know

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One of the standout performances of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the Infinity saga’s most notable villain, Thanos.

An epic villain hailing from Titan, Thanos’ hunt for total power was a key plotline taking place mostly behind the scenes throughout the first three stages of the MCU.

During the last two Avengers installments, fans were treated to an in-depth look at Thanos and his backstory as he collected all the infinity stones seeking to complete his goal of restoring balance to the universe by eliminating 50 percent of all life.

The character’s portrayal onscreen was extremely accurate to its source in the comics and was brought to life on screen perfectly thanks to Marvel’s casting for the character.

Who played Thanos in the MCU?

The final two Avengers films, Infinity War and Endgame, were both theatrical successes. And while they both boasted a cast full of superstars, the portrayal of Thanos was one of the standout performances in the MCU.

While it may be hard to tell given the extensive makeup job, Thanos is played by the one and only Josh Brolin.

Brolin is no stranger to the big screen having starred in films such as cult classic The Goonies, 2007’s No Country for Old Men, and more recently Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Marvel fans may also recognize Brolin from his co-lead role in Deadpool 2 playing the time-traveling super soldier Cable.

Joining the MCU as Thanos wasn’t initially a plan for Brolin and, according to an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, it took some words from another MCU alumni to eventually convince him to take the role.

Avengers: Endgame Artist Reveals Different Look For Warrior Thanos

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The incredible Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, first tried to convinced Brolin to take the part. He told Brolin that, while the filming process may feel ridiculous, once you see the end product “your mind with be blown”. But ultimately, it was another member of the MCU who inspired Brolin to become Thanos—and that was Benedict Cumberbatch.

After seeing behind-the-scenes footage of Benedict Cumberbatch filming his parts as Smaug for The Hobbit. “He had this mo-cap suit on and he was in this big warehouse and he was crawling around like a snake snapping his tongue out doing this incredible performance,” Brolin said in an interview with SiriusXM. “I saw that and I was like, alright that’s the bar, this is no bullshit, this is something you have to sink your teeth into, conviction, embarrassment, all that stuff, so then I decided yeah.”

After the spectacle that was the conclusion to Marvel phase three, If Thanos does return to the big screen again it would be hard to rival the exceptional performance put on by Brolin.

Free Zombie Army 4: Dead War DLC Adds Left 4 Dead Characters

5 hours ago

Valve might have little to no interest in creating a new entry in its criminally underused Left 4 Dead series, but it clearly has no qualms with loaning the IP out to third parties.

For those who don’t recall, the company behind Half-Life, Portal, and the widely-used Steam PC client has given developers its blessing to use various assets from its multiplayer shooter before, most notably in Techland’s Dying Light. Introduced as part of a limited-time event, the free update has returned on at least one occasion in the past due to popular demand and contains replicas of weapons as seen in L4D, including the trusty frying pan and golf club.

As per a short teaser trailer confirming the news earlier today, it appears as if Zombie Army 4: Dead War‘s own crossover follows a similar suit, bringing with it a bunch of new character skins which genre fans will immediately recognize. Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey, the four protagonists of the original L4D, are now available to download at no additional cost. While you won’t have to pony up a single cent for that luxury, content accompanying the collaboration will go on sale for the usual price of $6.99.

This bundle includes the all-new Abaddon Asylum mission as well as a number of premium cosmetics such as the WWI Josiah Outfit and WWII Headgear Pack. As for the aforementioned asylum, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating the domain of Baron Umbra, an occult mastermind obsessed with the macabre. Your quest to take Umbra out will begin in the catacombs situated below the cultist’s headquarters and conclude, no doubt, with more questions than answers befitting that of the second chapter in what Rebellion calls the Return to Hell campaign.

Not exactly the Left 4 Dead update many have been hoping for, then, but worry not. If the above isn’t your cup of tea, Turtle Rock’s recently announced Back 4 Blood could be what you’re looking for. Hit the link for more details.

Source: Rebellion

Quake Reboot Reportedly In Development, Will Feature Female Protagonist

6 hours ago

While fans of id Software’s historic Doom franchise have been spoiled over the last few years – first with a critically acclaimed reboot and then an equally well-received sequel – another of the developer’s famed IPs has completely disappeared from view. While similar in narrative genre and gameplay, Quake has never quite managed to attract the same level of attention as its closely related sibling, naturally leading to a certain degree of neglect. Indeed, not since 2005 has a numbered entry in the series been released, with the most recent being Quake Champions, an online-only spinoff debuted in 2017.

According to comments made by XboxEra Podcast co-host Nick Baker, however, those fortunes could soon be turning around. The untitled project is reportedly being handled directly by id, with Wolfenstein alumni MachineGames on board to provide extra pairs of hands and resources.

Perhaps the most interesting (and unconfirmed) revelation of all, however, is the claim that Quake‘s long-awaited return to form will be fronted by a female protagonist and features both a single and multiplayer component, the first installment to do so in over a decade.

While much of that detailed above is believable, it goes without saying that ample reserves of salt should be kept at hand. While it by no means disproves the credibility of Baker’s source, id Software, as a subsidiary of Bethesda, would have almost certainly debuted any new Quake title during parent company Microsoft’s E3 press conference, but that absence could easily be explained away as the project not being ready to show.

Another possibility is this year’s digital QuakeCon convention, which takes place from August 19th to the 21st. We’ll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed for an official announcement there, so stay tuned!

Source: XboxEra Podcast

How Did Iron Man Die?

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Iron Man was one of the most beloved characters on screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception in 2008.

Masterfully portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., the character took a leadership role for the majority of The Avengers films and become a father figure to many of the characters in the MCU. This growth for his character made it even more tragic when he was eventually died at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame.

With such a large-scale action set-piece and all the fan service going on during its final scenes, Tony Stark’s death stood out as arguably the most shocking event in the film. But for those who haven’t seen it for themselves here is what went down.

Avengers: Endgame Behind The Scenes Photos

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How did Iron Man die?

Ultimately, Iron Man sacrifices his own life to save the inhabitants of Earth and stop Thanos and his army by using the Infinity Stones.

In the final act of Avengers: Endgame, Thanos has followed the Avengers back from the past where they set out to collect the Infinity Stones and use them to reverse the actions of the dead Thanos in the current timeline.

When Thanos from the past enters the current timeline, The Hulk has already used the gauntlet of Infinity Stones to bring back the population who were eliminated during the snap, but it dealt substantial damage to his body.

Aboard his mothership, Thanos rains down fire upon the Avengers headquarters starting what would be the film’s final battle. Eventually, Thanos gets hold of the gauntlet for himself and uses its power to fend off an army of the Avengers and other heroes from throughout the MCU.

In a last-ditch effort, Iron Man is able to snatch all the gems from Thanos’s gauntlet and put them on his own so he can snap away Thanos and his army for good. After saying his famous phrase “I am Iron Man” Tony Stark does this and successfully rids of Thanos for good, but at a cost.

While the Hulk was able to survive using the Infinity Stones thanks to his radioactive superpowers, Tony Stark wasn’t and is left paralyzed before eventually dying soon after.

Iron Man knew he had to make this ultimate sacrifice. Dr Strange had seen all possible outcomes for their war with Thanos told him that there was only a single outcome that they would emerge victorious in.

This on-screen death is one of the most tragic in the MCU and brought to a close the Infinity Saga and phase three of the MCU.

Shazam Family Actor Dropped From Fury Of The Gods

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This morning, Shazam! Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg made DC fans’ day by revealing our first look at the Shazam family in their brand-spanking-new costumes for the sequel. The whole gang has undergone a revamp, with each hero sporting a fresh super-suit, but one of them has changed more than most as the photo reveals that one of the stars from the first film won’t be returning.

Sandberg’s photo captured Zachary Levi, in costume as Billy Batson, posing with his adoptive siblings who now share his magical abilities. Following on from their debuts in the third act of 2019’s Shazam!, Adam Brody, Meaghan Good, Ross Butler and D.J. Cotrona are all back as the aged-up versions of Freddy Freeman, Darla Dudley, Eugene Choi and Pedro Pena, respectively. Michelle Borth is no longer joining them as Mary Marvel AKA Mary Bromfield, however.

Instead, Grace Fulton is playing both the regular Mary and the superhero Mary this time around. After fans started enquiring about Borth’s absence from the group pic, Sandberg confirmed on Twitter that the actress is not involved in Fury of the Gods. The filmmaker jokingly offered an explanation for how Mary will still maintain her secret identity.

Yes, Grace now plays both parts. But her hair and makeup is slightly different when she’s super so nobody will ever recognize her. Hey, it works for Wonder Woman! https://t.co/suaG3vaEZw

— David F. Sandberg (@ponysmasher) June 21, 2021

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Photo Reveals New Costumes For The Shazam Family

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No reason has been given for Borth’s absence, though it’s possible it was a story-based decision. By the time of Shazam! 2, Mary will be the only actual adult among the heroes. It’s possible the Shazam powers will affect her differently now, then, and she’ll remain in her regular form, just with enhanced abilities, instead of physically transforming like the others. Borth was known to have signed a multi-picture deal originally, so it’s unlikely it was her to decision to leave.

Mark Strong is also not returning as Dr. Sivana in the follow-up, despite the last film’s post-credits scene. Instead Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu are serving as the new villains, a couple of Greek goddesses. Rachel Zegler is also joining the cast as a new ally for the family. Shazam! Fury of the Gods is on course to blast into theaters in June 2023.

Source: EpicStream

An Awesome Brie Larson Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

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2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World remains a cult classic that deserves to be found by a wider audience, both for Edgar Wright’s faithful adaptation of the comic book source material and a stellar cast that includes Brie Larson. To this end, it’s good to see that Scott Pilgrim is currently doing well on Netflix, having jumped up into the top twenty movies on the platform today.

For those not in the know, Scott Pilgrim stars Michael Cera as a Toronto slacker and musician who falls for Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Ramona Flowers. Soon after, though, Scott has to fight a series of Ramona’s evil exes, including Chris Evans’ Lucas Lee, Brandon Routh’s vegan-powered Todd Ingram, and Jason Schwartzman’s Gideon Graves. Larson shows up for a memorable turn as Scott’s ex “Envy” Adams.

Boasting a hyper-kinetic style that mirrors Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a great showcase for Edgar Wright’s directorial talents, and references everything from manga to video games. It was a shame, then, that the movie failed to do well at the box office, despite a generally positive response from critics, and has since gone on to build a loyal viewership on DVD and streaming.

While we had a theatrical re-release in 2020 to mark the tenth anniversary of the picture, as well as an updated edition of its video game, hopes for a sequel have so-far been pretty slim. Most of the actors, including Brie Larson, who recently shared a new version of her song from the film, have moved on to stardom. If you’ve not seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World already, then I’d highly recommend checking it out via Netflix, especially as an experience that rewards multiple viewings to pick up on the many details that Wright and co. layer through the story and its visuals.

Source: FlixPatrol

HBO Max Announces Over 100 New Movies/TV Shows For July

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HBO Max has announced everything that’s new on the platform in July. The WarnerMedia streamer service is definitely celebrating the summer in style as there’s a ton of great stuff coming next month, from a range of must-see original TV to one major blockbuster that’s sure to get the internet talking. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

July kicks off with a load of classic films becoming available on both HBO and HBO Max. Horror fans will be pleased to see the original Scream trilogy among them. The biggest title dropping on the 1st, though, has to be No Sudden Moves, a new crime thriller from Ocean’s Eleven director Steven Soderbergh about a group of small-time criminals in 1950s Detroit. Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour and Jon Hamm star.

Skipping ahead to the 8th, we have the premiere of the Gossip Girl reboot. Coming just shy of a decade since the original series concluded, the story continues with a new group of Manhattan private schoolers whose lives fall under the eye of the mysterious Gossip Girl (Kristen Bell, the only cast member to return). Another new show debuts on July 11th – satirical comedy The White Lotus from creator Mike White, following the staff of a Hawaiian vacation resort.

A bunch of recent TV arrives on the platform over the course of the month, too. Namely, the Doctor Who New Year 2021 special on the 1st, Nancy Drew season 2 on the 3rd, What We Do in the Shadows spinoff Wellington Paranormal on the 12th and Batwoman season 2 on the 27th. The biggest newbie of July, however, has to be Space Jam: A New Legacy, the Looney Tunes/basketball crossover sequel starring LeBron James. Make sure to catch it on July 16th.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Character Posters Reveal The Tune Squad Lineup

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Here’s the full list of everything that’s coming to HBO and HBO Max next month.

July 1

¡Come! (aka Eat!), 2020
8 Mile, 2002 (HBO)
All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, 1996 (HBO)
All Dogs Go to Heaven, 1989 (HBO)
Behind Enemy Lines, 1997 (HBO)
Beneath the Planet of the Apes, 1970 (HBO)
Bio-Dome, 1996 (HBO)
Black Panthers, 1968
Blackhat, 2015 (HBO)
Brubaker, 1980 (HBO)
Cantinflas (HBO)
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, 1972 (Extended Version) (HBO)
Cousins, 1989 (HBO)
Dark Water, 2005 (HBO)
Darkness Falls, 2003 (HBO)
Demolition Man, 199
Dirty Work, 1998 (HBO)
Disturbia, 2007 (HBO)
Doctor Who Holiday 2020 Special: Revolution of the Daleks, 2020
Duplex, 2003 (HBO)
Escape from the Planet of the Apes, 1971 (HBO)
Eve’s Bayou, 1997
Firestarter, 1984 (HBO)
First, 2012
For Colored Girls, 2010 (HBO)
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada, 2012 (HBO)
Full Bloom, Max Original Season 2 Finale
Gandhi, 1982
Ghost in the Machine, 1993 (HBO)
The Good Lie, 2014 (HBO)
Gun Crazy, 1950
House on Haunted Hill, 1999
Identity Thief, 2013 (Extended Version) (HBO)
Ira & Abby, 2007 (HBO)
Joe Versus the Volcano, 1990
Judas and the Black Messiah, 2021 (HBO)
Laws Of Attraction, 2004 (HBO)
Lucky, 2017 (HBO)
Maid in Manhattan, 2002
Married to the Mob, 1988 (HBO)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, 1997
Mississippi Burning, 1988 (HBO)
Monster-In-Law, 2005
Mousehunt, 1997 (HBO)
My Brother Luca (HBO)
No Sudden Move, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021
Planet of the Apes, 1968 (HBO)
Pleasantville, 1998
The Prince of Tides, 1991
Project X, 1987 (HBO)
The Punisher, 2017 (HBO)
Punisher: War Zone, 2008 (HBO)
Rambo, 2008 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
Reds, 1981 (HBO)
Reservoir Dogs, 1992 (HBO)
The Return of the Living Dead, 1985 (HBO)
Return of the Living Dead III, 1993 (Extended Version) (HBO)
Rounders, 1998 (HBO)
Saturday Night Fever, 1977 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
Scream, 1996
Scream 2, 1997
Scream 3, 2000
Semi-Tough, 1977 (HBO)
The Sessions, 2012 (HBO)
Set Up, 2012 (HBO)
Snake Eyes, 1998 (HBO)
Staying Alive, 1983 (HBO)
Stuart Little, 1999
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2003
Tom and Jerry in New York, Max Original Series Premiere
Trick ‘R Treat, 2009 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls, 2007 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, 2005 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself, 2009 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail, 2009 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, 2011 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion, 2006 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too, 2010 (HBO)
The Watcher, 2016 (HBO)
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, 2007 (HBO)
Westworld (Movie), 1973
White Chicks (Unrated & Uncut Version), 2004
The White Stadium, 1928
Won’t Back Down, 2012 (HBO)
Zero Days, 2016 (HBO)

July 2

Lo Que Siento por Ti (aka What I Feel for You) (HBO)

July 3

Let Him Go, 2020 (HBO)
Nancy Drew, Season 2

July 7

Dr. STONE, Seasons 1 and 2 (Subtitled) (Crunchyroll Collection)
Shiva Baby, 2021 (HBO)

July 8

The Dog House: UK, Max Original Season 2 Premiere
Genera+ion, Max Original Season 1 Finale
Gossip Girl, Max Original Series Premiere
Human Capital, 2020 (HBO)
The Hunt, 2020 (HBO)
Looney Tunes Cartoons, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

July 9

Frankie Quinones: Superhomies (HBO)

July 11

The White Lotus, Limited Series Premiere (HBO)

July 12

Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes, Documentary Series Premiere (HBO)
Wellington Paranormal, Season 1

July 15

Tom & Jerry, 2021 (HBO)

July 16

Betty, Season 2 Finale (HBO)
Space Jam: A New Legacy, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021
Un Disfraz Para Nicolas (aka A Costume for Nicolas) (HBO)

July 17

The Empty Man, 2020 (HBO)

July 18

100 Foot Wave, Documentary Series Premiere (HBO)

July 22

Through Our Eyes, Max Original Documentary Series Premiere

July 23

Corazon De Mezquite (aka Mezquite’s Heart) (HBO)

July 24

Freaky, 2020 (HBO)

July 26

Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes, Documentary Series Finale (HBO)

July 27

Batwoman, Season 2
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO)

July 30

Uno Para Todos (aka One for All) (HBO)

Don’t miss all this on HBO Max in July.

Source: Decider

Exclusive Interview: Chris Pratt And Edwin Hodge Talk The Tomorrow War

2 mins ago

Chris Pratt is no stranger to sci-fi on a massive scale, having starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers franchises, the Jurassic World trilogy and cosmic romance Passengers, but the actor has never appeared in anything quite like The Tomorrow War.

Chris McKay’s live-action feature debut is that rarest of things; a big budget blockbuster that’s based on a completely original concept. Pratt headlines the ensemble cast as Dan Forester, a former special forces operator now working as a teacher who finds himself drafted into the titular conflict, which sees time travelers from 30 years in the future return to the present day in an effort to recruit soldiers in the battle against an intergalactic species that’s wiped out the majority of the human race by 2051.

Once reenlisted, Pratt finds himself jostling for alpha male status with Edwin Hodge’s Dorian, one of the rare veterans to have survived more than one tour. In an exclusive interview with We Got This Covered, we spoke to the two stars about The Tomorrow War, whether there’s any mixed emotions about the movie bypassing theaters entirely, and what makes the project so special, which you can check out below.

It must be a relief after the long wait, to know The Tomorrow War is almost finally here, and you can talk about it and try not to give away any spoilers.

Chris Pratt: Yeah, and it has been a long time coming, but we’re pretty excited about it.

Are there any mixed emotions that fans won’t get to see it on the big screen because of the sheer size of the movie, but the fact it’s on Amazon means it could potentially find a much bigger audience?

Edwin Hodge: Very, very true. I don’t know how many countries we’re gonna be in, how many different languages we’ll be in. The last I heard there were thirteen languages we were gonna premiere this film in, you know. And to open on such a large scale, and to be able to touch many different countries, and have people hear it in their own language, it’s actually pretty cool.

I don’t think, really, films get an opportunity to open on a large scale like that. Usually, like Germany might have to wait two months before they get to see it, because they gotta spend time dubbing, but we kind of took care of all of that for you guys up front, and now we have this massive opening.

Chris Pratt: Yeah, it is a little bittersweet. I suppose you hope that it’s not the end of an era for big blockbuster movies at the cinema, and I don’t think that is is, because we’ve already seen big movies come back in the theaters, and doing really well, like A Quiet Place 2 and The Conjuring. And when we made a deal with Amazon to distribute this movie, it was late last year, it was right in the height of the pandemic, so we didn’t really know what it was.

And there’s going to be a lot of films coming back to the box office, and it’s a really crowded marketplace there, just because of the number of films that got pushed back. So I have no fear about cinema going away, and I’m really grateful that I’m part of this movie that was initially intended to be seen on the big screen, but if you watch a big film that’s intended for the big screen and it doesn’t work, it’s because the story doesn’t work. I think our story really works.

I think you can watch a story like this on the small screen. It doesn’t need to be explosions and big action sequences; we have a ton of those, and they’re going to look great on any size of TV that you watch it on, but ultimately it’s the story that’s going to set this movie apart.

You’ve both got plenty of experience in sci-fi/military movies, action movies and blockbusters, you’ve pretty much seen and done it all between the two of you. What is it that makes The Tomorrow War stand out from the pack, because it’s one of the few big budget movies that’s based on an original concept as well?

Chris Pratt: I think you saying that, that’s one. You pointed out one thing, it’s original. It’s original IP, it’s got this kind of budget, I think it deals with universal themes that aren’t typically in sci-fi. There’s a sort of It’s a Wonderful Life-type look at regret, second chances for redemption, and life. As well, weirdly timed post-pandemic, even though we shot it pre-pandemic; a global crisis that the entire world must use science and come together and solve.

I think that’s interesting and really timely. And I think as far as creatures go, and aliens go, these maybe the very best I think I’ve ever seen. They’re incredible, they’re scary, they’re brilliantly designed, they’re unique. They’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and simply unforgettable.

Edwin Hodge: I concur!

That concludes our interview with Chris Pratt and Edwin Hodge. The Tomorrow War is coming exclusively to Amazon on July 2nd.

WB Reportedly Wants Dwayne Johnson In Mortal Kombat Franchise

20 mins ago

It takes a very confident person to board a series of pre-existing properties and dub themselves ‘Franchise Viagra’, but Dwayne Johnson is hardly known for being short of self belief. Not only that, but the actor backed up his words by steering each of the projects in question to significantly higher box office totals than their predecessors managed without him.

Fast Five hauled in over $260 million more than the fourth installment. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island out-earned the first chapter by close to $100 million. G.I. Joe: Retaliation wound up with a haul $70 million in excess of The Rise of Cobra. And Jumanji: The Next Level‘s $962 million total was over three times the tally managed by Robin Williams’ original, so you can’t argue with the facts.

Any property would love to have him on board, and we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie was in development long before it was confirmed – that Warner Bros. are planning on attempting to lure Johnson into the Mortal Kombat sandbox, as unlikely it may seem at this moment in time.

First Mortal Kombat Reboot Photos Tease A Bloody Brawler

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Of course, the A-lister has a strong relationship with the studio forged across projects including San Andreas, Central Intelligence, Rampage and the upcoming duo of DC League of Super-Pets and Black Adam, not to mention the fact he’s producing high concept actioner Emergency Contact for WB with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II set to star, so he’ll be more than familiar with the boardroom.

While the idea of Dwayne Johnson showing up in a Mortal Kombat sequel might sound a little far-fetched right now given the recent reboot’s desire to cast proven martial artists and lesser-known names, we’ll just need to wait and see what the future holds for a potential franchise described as a top asset.

Amber Heard’s New Movie Flops, Has Only Earned $36,000 So Far

28 mins ago

Even if you completely ignore all of the rumor, speculation, backlash, bile and vitriol pointed in the direction of her personal life, which is admittedly difficult when there’s simply so much of it, Amber Heard hasn’t been having the greatest of times onscreen since she played the female lead in Aquaman, which made over $1.1 billion at the box office to go down in the history books as the biggest DC adaptation ever.

Admittedly, her entire filmography in that time extends to two movies, a streaming exclusive and a TV show, but it still doesn’t make for great reading. Even Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which was instantly beloved among fans, saw the actress come under fire for the bizarre and ultimately misguided decision to give Mera a British accent for whatever reason, something she was clearly incapable of pulling off.

Additionally, mystery thriller London Fields was dumped into cinemas five years after shooting wrapped, during which time the director sued the producers for fraud, while Heard was also the subject of a $10 million lawsuit for a film that by all accounts is terrible, boasting the unwanted distinction of a 0% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Her latest, Gully, at least fared a little better, but critics still bashed the drama heavily. Having initially premiered in April 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic saw it shelved for over two years, and since finally scoring a big-screen release two and a half weeks ago, it’s only managed to bring in a paltry $36,000 globally and has never played in more than 100 theaters at one time. At least Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be guaranteed to bring Amber Heard some success, then, following a string of duds.

Source: Small Screen